Sancta Maria College - Level 1 Digital Technologies

Welcome to the Sancta Maria College introduction to NCEA Level 1 Digital Technologies!

• The Level 1 Digital Technologies Achievement Standard offers a total of 23 credits.

• 20 of these credits can be earned from 4 internals that take place during Term 1, Term 2 & Term 3.

• 3 of these credits can also be earned from the externals at the end of the year.

What are some possible careers that come out of Digital Technologies?

• There are a lot of jobs that involve digital technologies like programming, web development, computer scientist and many more.

Who teaches this subject you may be asking?

• Good ol' Mr Mark Glasse is the HOD (Head of Department) at Sancta Maria College in the Digital Department.
• Mrs Joanne Caudy is the key holder of CG1 and teaches Digital Technologies too. Once you get on her good side, you'll be invited into the control room for young lads & ladies who enjoy gaming during their breaktime.